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Arbor Day Festival Returns

Norwood's annual Arbor Day Festival returned after a two-year hiatus and it came back strong.

Along with some town favorites: graffiti island and inflatables for the kids, helicopter rides, live music, great food, local artisans, and longtime civic partners - the festival also hosted some welcome newcomers: rock climbing, axe-throwing, the return of a fireworks show, and a trial run of the newly approved Social District.

Social District Success

Since its approval, Norwood hasn't been able to test out its Social District - until Arbor Day. The community is adjusting to this exciting development in our town and responded incredibly on its trial run. Citizens were pleased and respectful of the process, purchasing their drinks, adhering to boundary lines, and taking the time to enjoy the entirety of what the festival had to offer. We're all looking forward to the District receiving its permanent signage and activation.

A Welcome Expansion

In previous years, the Festival was maintained behind Town Hall and the surrounding fields, but this year vendor demand was so high, we decided to expand and encompass the Campbell Street area as well. While initially confusing as it differed from the expectation, the growth of our Festival shows how much the citizens of Norwood have to offer and allows more of our town to participate in the festivities.

The Root Of It All

And of course, we can't discuss Arbor Day without celebrating Walter Davis. He has been a member of the Arbor Day Foundation for years and was adamant that we keep the spirit of Arbor Day at the forefront. For the duration of the Festival he gave out free tree saplings with one condition - that each tree would make it into the ground, preserving the future of our environment. For that and dozens more reasons, Walter was this year's Stewardship Award winner. We're grateful for the wonderful example he sets in our community.

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