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The best things in life require a great deal of time and effort, which means revitalizing our town will take even more than that - and we can't do it alone! 

Here are three ways you can support our mission today:

Donate - Renovations, up-fitting, skilled labor, and materials are costly, especially with the current rise in inflation. For us to complete every scheduled project in full, our fundraising goal is $1,640,787.50. As of July 2022, we have already raised $215,063.50 through donations, pledges, grants, and in-kind gifts.


These numbers may seem unreachable in our small town, but every dollar makes a difference. Your generosity has already helped us launch the Farmers Market, several community events, purchase a town Christmas tree, and more. Let's keep that momentum pushing forward!

Volunteer - There are a lot of moving parts involved in revitalizing Norwood and we simply cannot work through them all without you! We need thinkers, organizers, packers, lifters, teachers, artists, builders, and most importantly: willing hands. 


We have countless opportunities for volunteers to help out. Let us know if you're interested in planning an event, handing out water, or hosting a seminar. Fill out our form below to get started!

Services - One of the best ways we can minimize our financial goal is through volunteers offering specialized services. Maybe you own or are associated with a business that can offer free or discounted labor, services, materials, or rentals. Maybe your organization regularly donates needed items or builds volunteer teams.


Any way that we can partner with you for the betterment of Norwood is a success for the entire community. Please fill out our form below so we can discuss more details with you!

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