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The Norwood Central Business District Group was founded by members of the community with the goal to bring fresh life into our humble lake town. We respect Norwood's history and traditions and want to preserve it while fostering new businesses and fresh development. More often than not, the best our town has to offer is utilized by non-locals who see Norwood as nothing more than a route to Lake Tillery; we want to change that. We want to be a destination, not a passsthrough, and we want our community to thrive independently of our tourism revenue.

Our mission is to create vibrancy and vitality through revitalization and community development while creating opportunities for stability and economic growth for people already in the neighborhood.



Four Pillars For Growth

We believe the best way to achieve our goals is to focus on four main pillars to revitalize Norwood:

Farmers Market - The creation and advancement of this space is not only visually appealing on our Main Street, but it provides a space for local merchants to sell to our community - increasing the availability of healthy, locally sourced goods while invigorating the economy. Additionally, this space allows us to host various events throughout the year.

Public Arts - This is an outwardly appealing way to preserve and promote our history, providing an economic boost from those who would travel to see what we've created. It builds on the existing beauty of Norwood and becomes an engaging way to educate the younger generation about our roots. 

Events - Community is everything, and while we hope others participate in our events, we know that bringing our neighbors together is the most important facet of building up our town. We strive to develop a community calendar that is inclusive, educational, fun, healthy, and most importantly, builds bonds across our neighborhoods.

Revitalization - We want to clean up the infrastructure of our town while preserving its historical buildings. We're going to support the economy by helping new businesses get started on Main Street. Additionally, we're supporting the development of programs for youth, business development, art, and more.

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